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P3 Violent Entanglement Tactics Class (VET) (16 hrs) - March 5-6, 2022 (Arsenal)


P3 Violent Entangled Tactics Course: This is a principles based course teaching basic techniques to deal with and survive a violent encounter where weapons may be present and accessing a firearm may be difficult, dangerous, ill-advised, or down right impossible. Students will be taught the basics of stand up fighting to include standing grappling, takedowns, breakfalls, distance management, basic
ground fighting, safely returning to the feet, and disengaging from the fight.

When: March 5th and 6th, 8am- 6pm each day.

Lunch: We deliver lectures during lunch, so bring a bag lunch for each day so that you can participate in the lectures.

Location:  Arsenal BJJ, 1808 Sportsman Ln NW, Huntsville, AL 35816.

Cost: $450 for 16 hours of training

Experience and Physical Ability: While this is a beginner level course, students will be expected to be in good enough physical shape to both perform the techniques and participate in the drills, but also not hold other students back should they become a physical fitness liability. There will be no student on student “sparring” in the course per se, but students will be participating in “live” drilling scenarios with their partner and sparring scenarios with trained roll players, selected based on student capabilities. During these scenarios students will be expected to mount adequate resistance in order to simulate a real hand-to-hand encounter. It is highly advised that students engage in some level of physical fitness training in the weeks prior to the class in order to condition their bodies and minds in preparation. Students do not have to be in top physical shape, but it is important that they arrive to the course with a baseline level of fitness not only so they may fully engage in the training but also to mitigate and prevent any injuries that they could sustain during training. Instructors will run the course in a slow and methodical manner in order to ensure a safe learning environment. In addition, all students should discuss any previous injuries or limitations prior to beginning training. This in no way means students should not sign up for training if they are older or have physical limitations. Discussing this with the instructors ensures that they have full situational awareness during the course.

Equipment Needed:
You will be sparring in bare feet. You will need to bring sandals or slippers if you have to walk from the mat to the bathroom and back. You will probably break a sweat. Bring a towel to dry off with. Your shirt may be grabbed, pulled, and possibly ripped. Dress accordingly. Mouth guards are mandatory. You can purchase one at any sporting goods store and probably find them in the sports section of Walmart. Make sure you bring belt, holster, training knife, etc. Do not bring any firearms or live blades. It would be good for you to bring a small bag to empty your pockets in. No wallets, cell phones, keys, etc in pockets during sparring. Clothing and equipment must be free from anything that could poke or cut the mats while practicing or sparring. Mouth Piece pre-fitted to your mouth, Long pants/ jeans, Athletic Cup (Optional), Wrestling Shoes (Optional), Training Knife (Optional), Blue Gun or SERT/LaserLyte laser training pistol (Optional)

If you are law enforcement and would like to train in your duty belt/ equipment, you will need to strip off all non-essential equipment from you belt, leaving on your pistol holster and training knife sheath in order to prevent damage to the mats while practicing and sparring.

*P3 will provide training knives and guns to students but cannot guarantee the training guns will properly fit student holsters. Students are free to bring their own if they

If you have not signed an Arsenal waiver, please go on the Arsenal website and sign up so that you can sign the waiver. If you are having trouble signing the waiver, arrive 10 minutes early to sign at the gym.

This course is taught by P3 staff member, Jonathan Collins. See Jonathan’s bio here: In addition, P3 will bring on additional qualified instructors from the P3 staff as well as other subject matter experts to serve as assistant instructors based on class size.