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P3 Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Fundamentals (10 hrs)

P3 Tactical Combat Casulty Care (TCCC) - Fundamentals Course of instruction provides participants the basic  foundations of Life Saving Interventions(LSI) to treat Life Threat Injuries that may be encountered during tactical operations of hostile encounters.
The TCCC-F Course curriculum utilizes the best tactical medical evidence based practices supported by the Committee of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Providing participants with a Tactical Medical Systematic Assessment approach and utilizing a basic treatment protocol, we instruct Tactical First Responders how to recognize Life Threats and provide the necessary Life saving interventions required to save lives while incorporating the use of Individual First
Aid Kits (IFAK) 
Upon completion of the course participants will:
Understand the rationale and apply immediate Hemorrhage Control, Airway Management, Breathing Management and managing shock.  Apply a systematic approach for managing a casualty while critically thinking through tactical medical