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P3 Grand Master Class - Rifle (8 Hours)


P3 Grand Master classes offer a unique opportunity to learn from a Grand Master in classes of no more than 6 students. This allows for lots of one on one instruction for each student with significant improvements regardless of skill level.


Typically courses taught by Grand masters cost $250 a day but are usually attended by up to 20 students. Our course costs $100 more but is less than 1/3 the size. Students who have attended P3 Master Classes in the past agree that individual lessons learned through the small group environment was well worth the extra cost


The P3 Grand Master Class- Rifle is taught by our very own Grand Master Instructor and focuses on rifle speed and accuracy refinements for better performance in combat and competition at distances ranging from 5 yards to 100 yards. Topics of study and practice include rapid fire shooting, magazine changes, target transitions, moving and shooting, etc. The course typically culminates in an action shooting competition style rifle stage where students will put all of their newly learned riflecraft skills to the test.


Cost: $350


When: October 15th, from 8:30am – 5:30pm (come early, be ready to shoot by 8:30


Where: Private Range in Owens Crossroads, AL

Course End Time: We operate on a train to standard principle, and so often times our classes run over on time in order to get the student to an improved level of on demand performance. Start times will always be the same, but plan for end times to potentially run over.


Equipment: Rifle, sling, eye pro, ear pro, hat with brim, magazine pouches, at least 3 rifle magazines, 400-500 rounds of ammo, gun oil, water, snacks, folding chair.