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P3 Grand Master Class - Pistol (8 Hours) - April 23, 2022


P3 Master classes offer a unique opportunity to learn from a Grand Master in classes of no more than 6 students. This allows for lots of one on one instruction for each student with significant improvements regardless of skill level. 

The P3 Grand Master Class- Pistol is taught by our very own Grand Master Instructor Jeff Cramblit and focuses on pistol speed and accuracy refinements for better performance in combat and competition. Topics of study and practice include rapid fire shooting, magazine changes, target transitions, moving and shooting, etc. The course typically culminates in an IDPA/IPSC style stage where students will put all of their newly learned pistolcraft skills to the test. 

Cost: $350

When: April 23rd, from 8am – 5pm

Course End Time: We operate on a train to standard principle, and so often times our classes run over on time in order to get the student to an improved level of on demand performance. Start times will always be the same, but plan for end times to potentially run over.

Lunch: We will most likely go to lunch near the range, but you are welcome to bring a bag lunch and stay on the range.

Where: Private Range, directions and address sent with course sign-up

Experience and Physical Ability: You should have at least a basic level of experience with pistol safety and shooting, and ideally have attended some type of firearms training or event. This course is fast paced and physically demanding. We pack as much training into 8 hours as possible. You will be in equipment standing and moving on the range for multiple hours at a time. If you are concerned about meeting the physical requirements of the course, please contact 1-855-55-P3USA (73872) so that we may see how we can meet your needs. 

Equipment Needed:  Pistol, holster, magazine pouch, at least 3 magazines, 500 rounds of ammunition, firearms lubricant/oil, eye protection, ear protection, lunch, snacks, and water. Long pants, belt, close toed shoes, shirt with collar that is tight around the neck (no open collars or v necks), and a forward facing brimmed hat are required for safety purposes while firing on the range.