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Jim Lam

Jim Lam photo Jim Lam
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James “Jim” Lam has over 20 years of experience In dynamic shooting and close quarters combat. He has trained at over 20 schools/programs such as special forces advanced urban combat course, special forces sniper course, Viking Tactics, DARC and others as well as being a Distinguished Pistol,and nationally ranked rifle shooter.  Jim was involved with Air Force Special Warfare Test Center where he worked on weapons and equipment testing as well as extensive skills training and conditioning programs.  
Over the 20 years of active duty and national guard service, Jim has served had multiple combat deployments as a Join Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), attached to multiple Special Operations and conventional units.  Jim had also spent time overseas as a civilian contractor, has been a primary instructor and curriculum developer for several Air Special Warfare shooting and CQB programs, and worked with the Close Combat Lethality Taskforce on several joint test programs for the same.  Currently Jim is an weapons and tactics instructor at the Air Commando Field Skills course.